Studying in Japan

Studying abroad is challenging, onerous, and exacting, especially if you are not prepared enough. Some say that Japan is as traditional as other Asian countries, obdurate, insulate, and austere. Others say that Japan is as fully developed as the U.S.


Well, it is certain that Japan falls somewhere between such two ends of the spectrum, and you might be in a better position if you know exactly where Japan stands and portend what's coming when you get there.

In general, foreign students a few decades ago, without internet as useful and effective as the one we are using today, foreign students had no choice but to improvise to surmount any unexpected obstacles and difficulties.

Today, with smart phones and internet, we are a whole lot better informed than we were decades ago. However, we are exposed to profuse information from eclectic sources, which may be confusing.

This website seeks to be one of your chosen sources to attenuate potential confusion, so that you can walk a straight path to achieve your goal.

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