Why Choose Us?


The primary purpose of this website is to help you who are interested in either studying or working in Japan or at the planning stage to do so. If you are someone who choses to visit Japan and learn from the culture and the people, K.W. Consulting NYC can help you, because ultimately, not only will you but Japan be benefitted from your interest and effort! Japan is a developed country with people who are hospitable for foreigners, but from the cultural perspective, there're some things you should keep in mind, so that your transition can be as smooth as possible. You sure will be precious and valuable assets to and ultimately work to the benefit of Japan, promoting a win-win situation. That is also why K.W. Consulting NYC offers all services on a volunteer basis (no charge at all). 


This website is intended to promote relatively casual exchange of communication. While all services start out with an exchange of emails, the other media, such as video chats and/or calls, are also acceptable. By promoting smooth and frequent exchanges of meaningful ideas, experiences, and learning processes, you can maximize your experience you'll have in Japan.


Everything written in this website is based on a real experience that consists of being a foreign student, working in both Japanese and U.S. companies and living in the US. Streamlining ways to communicate such experience is believed to benefit someone who is interested in walking on a similar path, as mistakes as well as benefits are shared for your benefit. You, then, will be able to effectively circumvent potential obstacles or difficulties, while maximizing and enjoying your stay in Japan.   


This website is studiously maintained, so that it remains most updated and informative. There are certain things that may affect your move. For example, natural disasters may militate against your decision to travel. Political shifts can also fetter your decision. Monitoring the situation of both Japan and the U.S., any advice and/or information in this website are meaningful to you.


After all, all services are free of charge! Just contact us with what situation you are in and let's go from there!