Working in Japan

Working in a country other than the one in which you were born is by default challenging. ​Mastering language is one thing, but you'll be surrounded by native Japanese engaged individuals, including co-workers and customers. You may need to respond to exigent requests from them.  


Japanese is punctilious, meticulous, pertinacious, and sometimes obdurate or unyielding. Such dispositions can make customer interaction a daunting task, if you don't know how to do. Also, your co-workers begin to see you as, of course, a co-worker, so Japan's unique hospitality is all of a sudden evanescent. All in all, you need to be well prepared!  


I have roughly 30 years of experience working in both Japanese and US environments, successfully developing keen sense of how to be successful and gain most out of any corporate environment for my career development. It's nothing esoteric, but I may be able to help you by understanding your situation, what kind of work you will do, the size of the company you work, where the company is located, etc. 


Send an email with some brief description, and let's go from there!